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Transform Your Touch: Become a Master of Holistic Facial Massage

Become a certified holistic face therapy expert, training in the art of this unique method of facial rejuvenation with Award-Winning aesthetician Abigail James and transform your career. 

Transform Your Practice with Rejuvology: The ultimate Holistic Face Massage Training Led by Industry expert Abigail James

This course is for beauty therapists, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, and wellness professionals ready to elevate their impact and client experience with every touch.

This is your course.


Master Advanced Techniques: Your hands are your tools, in this training you will Learn to work with your hands in a new way. Listening with your hands. 

These unique face massage methods have been at the core of Abigail's 25 years of clinical practice and continued learning. Abigail is one of the global pioneers who two decades ago, helped elevate face massage into the global phenomenon it is today. Now she is sharing her skills & knowledge with therapists around the world. To support others to grow their practice and treat their clients on a deeper level. 

Empower Your Practice: This training is crafted to make you an expert, understanding the very fabric of touch and how this can elevate your career. 

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Meet Your Mentor, Abigail James: A Journey of Excellence

"Welcome to a transformative training experience, led personally by me, Abigail James. Over my two-decade journey in the beauty and wellness industry, I've gathered a wealth of knowledge and developed innovative techniques that I'm keen to share with you.

From my beginnings as an enthusiastic learner to becoming a respected therapist and mentor, my path has been driven by a deep passion for holistic therapy, results  and professional excellence. Rejuvology, my signature technique, is more than just a method—it's a part of my lifelong dedication to enhancing facial rejuvenation practices.

As your mentor, I'm committed to nurturing your unique potential. I understand that each therapist's journey is as individual as the clients you touch. Together, we'll refine your skills in face-lifting massage and adopt a caring philosophy that will elevate every aspect of your practice.

Join me, and let's embark on this journey to excellence together, enhancing not just your techniques but also the well-being of every client you meet."

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  • Join the Elite: Advance your practice and perfect your hands on skills. This training is not for all therapists! Rejuvology training is only for those who really want to make a positive impact and strive for excellence. 

  • Learn new skills that will cary through to elevate all of your treatments, giving you the confidence to increase your value.
  • Mentorship with Abigail James: Be trained and mentored personally by Abigail James. Having that time to fast track your learning of therapy & business.

  • Stand out in an increasingly competitive industry as an extraordinary therapist.

  • Join a growing global community of expert practitioners, who desire to be the best versions of themselves in and out of the treatment room.  

  • Beyond the Treatment Room: Feel personally empowered beyond the treatment room, to enable you to step into a more radiant version of you and your business. 

  • Gain repeat bookings, through building trust with your hands on skills. 
  • Feel confident in your ability to create visible results.

How do I know if I am ready?

Let me guess, you are already great at what you do. However...

  • Ambitious and Quality-Driven: You dream of your business as a leading name in holistic beauty and refuse to compromise on quality.
  • Skill Enhancement Seeker: You are passionate about elevating your practice and skills to be THE BEST.
  • Passionate About Well-being: Committed to helping others look and feel their best. While supporting yourself.
  • Business Innovator: Already running a beauty or wellness business and looking to expand with a unique, exceptional offerings.
  • Aspiring World-Class Practitioner: You believe in your potential to rise to the top of the industry.
  • Community-Minded: Excited to be part of a growing global movement in holistic face massage therapy.
  • Seeking the Perfect Match: You've been on the lookout for an advanced face massage course that aligns with your ethos and a method your can TRUST.
  • Ready for Transformation: You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a transformational journey to excellence.

Rejuvology is like no other course. Abigail's unique methods and approach will help you achieve amazing results and confidence in your skills.

Embark on a learning journey infused with compassion, energy, and fun. Our approach ensures you feel seen, heard, and supported, enhancing your absorption and application of knowledge.

Expert Video Tutorials: Dive into Abigail James's Rejuvology Core Physical Practice with Steps 1-8 through expertly filmed and edited videos, designed for your ease of learning. 

Live Online Mentoring: Engage directly with Abigail James in live sessions, complete with replays for your convenience. Personalized guidance is just a click away.

Marketing Assets & Community Support: Gain exclusive access to a suite of marketing tools and a user-friendly members area. Plus, connect with fellow Therapists of Excellence on our community platform.

In-Person Immersive Experience: Opt for a transformative three-day in-person training, complemented by continuous access to online video lessons for ongoing growth.

And More: This is just the beginning of what's in store for you


Every aspect of this program is crafted to elevate your practice and connect you with a network of dedicated professionals. Join us for an unparalleled training experience




“Highly-skilled course developing knowledge of face contouring"

“I had not planned or prepared for, was how much the course emotionally touched me... Abigail has developed something so special, I don't think even she knows or is fully aware of how deep the course has touched us all. She has a unique way of coaching, guiding and inspiring (she's a life coach too).”


“My clients commented that they feel amazing. Thank you so much!"

“I have been coming down from cloud 9 the past week. I noticed my face looks much brighter and softer. Thank you for a marvellous and amazing training experience. I really enjoyed it, I didn’t want it to end! I am excited to keep going with the affirmations and exercises we did to keep a positive mental attitude always. My clients commented that they feel amazing. Thank you so much.”


“The best course I have ever been on in my 50+ years"

“I was amongst like minded people being inspired & guided by the most genuinely talented Abigail. I have left feeling inspired, empowered, and ever more confident. I feel enormous gratitude. Thank you Abigail James and your team and all the wonderful women on the course.”


The course is a scientific & practical training.

The equivalent of 5 days. Divided into theory & hands on learning.

Anatomy & Physiology

As a qualified practitioner you will already have a good understanding of A&P. To be an expert it's important to keep elevating our knowledge. Revisiting and learning new things. This module is focusing on the key aspects, expanding on and deep diving into fundamentals. Delivered in pre recorded videos, where Abigail teaches in depth, alongside a downloadable study book. 

Valued at £300 

Rejuvology Theory

An in-depth learning about the core history and philosophy of Rejuvology. All Abigail's secretes revealed. 

The therapies that combine to create the unique Rejuvology facial rejuvenation. Including Vodder MLD, cranio-sacral, myofascial, rhythmical, connective tissue to name a few.  Improving the appearance of the face, lifting, toning and rejuvenating. However this is not the only goal of Rejuvology. There is a deeper underlying impact, working on the nervous system, supporting a person's stress, sleep in inner wellness, further aiding in the rejuvenating effect. Delivered in pre recorded video format with downloadable workbook. 

 Valued at £350

Ageing Through The Layers

 Overall, the ageing process has an impact both visibly and beneath the surface. In this module we take a closer look at those deeper layers.

Delivered in pre recorded videos with downloadable workbook.

Valued at £150

Therapist of Excellence

Being a therapist of excellence requires a combination of personal and professional attributes. This module is focusing on you the practitioner and the perfect room set up. 

A therapist of excellence is one who upholds the core values of being skilled, professional, educated, honest, respectful, detail-oriented, responsible for their own mental & physical health, responsible for creating a safe environment, and committed to providing high-quality, skilled services.

Delivered in pre recorded video. Abigail shares her coveted industry secrets. 

Valued at £250 

Step by step Rejuvology massage method

Pre recorded videos of the full 8 step Rejuvology method. Demonstrated and explained by Abigail on a model.  Broken down into easily watchable, high quality videos. With a variety of camera angles for ease of understanding the intricacies of each move. In depth instructions and tips to help you enjoy the best learning experience. This is available for all therapists, both virtual and in person. 

Deepening your knowledge & skills of myofacial, Vodder MLD, acupressure, tapping, cranio-sacral therapy, rhythmical massage, connective tissue. 

Methods to improve tissue mobility, drainage, lift facial contours and rejuvenate the entire face. 

Valued at £2000


  • Bonus - Mindset Kit, to Inspire You to Excel in All Aspects of Your Work & Personal Life.

  • Bonus Video - ‘the Science of Face Massage’

  • Bonus Video - ‘how to Gain Repeat Bookings’

Valued at £300

3 Day LIVE Training*

*For those signing up to the In Person Course

The most incredible, uplifting and empowering three days in person training with Abigail. Learning in a supportive group environment. Practicing on each other, gaining expert tips, & refinement of techniques. Connecting with like minded practitioners. 

Valued at £3000

Live Zoom Lessons with Abigail

  • These live mentoring and coaching sessions are invaluable. Deep diving on theory, physical method plus your business & customer skills. As well as answering all of your questions.

Valued at - Priceless! 

A personal message from Abigail James  


Hello, I'm Abigail. With over 20 years in the beauty and wellness industry, I've dedicated my career to elevating standards and skills through innovative techniques like my signature face-lifting massage, Rejuvology.

My mission is to create a community of elite therapists, renowned for excellence. (That could be you by the way!) 

Witnessing the transformation of students into confident, empowered practitioners is amazing. They're not just learning techniques; they're becoming trailblazers in the industry. Join me, and let's embark on this journey together, setting new benchmarks and achieving unparalleled success in the world of beauty, therapy and face massage.


Here is what some of our lovely Rejuvologists have to say about their training experience.

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Virtual live training sessions are 1 hr 7pm GMT on the below dates. All learning videos and theory are watchable in your own time. If you can't make the lives, don't worry, ALL live sessions are recorded for ease of playback and learning, wherever you are on the world.  

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Rosie - The Rosie Glow clinic

Those three magical days in felt like a two week break away. I came home with so much confidence and clarity of mind that it has driven my business decisions for the rest of the year.

I had a wobbly start to 2023, with two members of staff who I found a struggle to manage. I’m ending it so, so much happier on my own. Running a one to one, ‘by appointment only’ business and it feels amazing✨✨

Mia Towndrow 

I wanted to say a Big Thank You… For making my 2023 🌷 

The training and whole course was the key highlight of my year, professionally and personally. I think back and wonder where I’d be had it not been for Rejuvology! It was all so much fun and engaging, too.

Being in a place where we understood each other as therapists.

All my clients who’ve tried Rejuvology love it. 

Count me in!


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